Tips on How to Take Care The Horn Jewelry

How to Take Care The Horn Jewelry
How to take care the horn jewelry needs to be known by all women so that their jewelry remains durable and looks new. Appealing with the help of jewelry has become a must for women who want to look modern and always look fashionable every day. A woman, just by adding accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, can appear more confident and look stylish without having to go to the beauty salon.


Tips on to Take Care Horn Jewelry How to Take Care The Horn Jewelry


For a woman, the classic problems that they often face in the collection of jewelry are easy to fade and look old. This is especially true for handmade necklaces made of gold, pearls, horns, and silver.


The thing that often happens is color fading and no sparkling anymore. This is certainly reasonable because the average jewelry is often exposed to dust and dirt from the surroundings as well as from frequent use.


On this occasion, we will discuss how to care the horn necklace from various materials ranging from silver, pearls, and horns that are prone to fading due to frequent use and lack of care. Even if you know how not only is it easy to do but it is also very useful so that your necklace will continue to look like just came out of the store.


1. The first and most important thing is storage and how to put the necklace. Necklace jewelry is certainly very beautiful if it is displayed in an open closet or left hanging near the decorative table in your room.


But the thing to remember is, if you leave the necklace accessories in the open air it will increase the risk of fading both from the color and also from the sheen. Try to keep all the accessories in a jewelry box which is certainly a safe and soft material and not from metal.


2. For extra protection, you can also store some of the necklace accessories in an anti-air plastic bag. This is especially important if you have stored all the necklace together so that there is the possibility of friction on the surface of the necklace. Another tip: buy plastic containers that have separating bulkheads, don’t combine them in one plastic container.


You can also place a package containing silica gel around the necklace storage area. Silica gel can be bought at the nearest supermarket. In general, when buying a sandal or shoe, you will often find a small package containing this silica gel. This gel will help absorb moisture and keep the storage conditions dry.


Additional Tips on How to Take Care Horn Jewelry


4. You need to take off the necklace before putting hair spray or perfume. The chemical content of these products can cause changes in color and luster on accessories or jewelry will fade in a short time.


5. If your necklace looks dull, you should use a special cloth to wipe your horn necklace. After wiping, you can wash it with warm water so that it can look like new again.


6. Clean the entire surface of the necklace periodically. Simply use warm water or you can add special baby shampoo to not quickly damage the quality. For necklaces with lots of slits, you might try using a toothbrush that has been dipped before in water. Don’t forget to dry it completely after cleaning.


7. Sometimes just using a few times, the accessories look dull. You can prevent it by not using it in the sun especially when you do exercise.


8. Be careful when using necklaces for activities such as swimming or other sports, because sweat is a factor that can damage the quality and sparkle level of the necklace.


Once you know how simple it is to care for a necklace, you should be able to keep the collection more attractive, and no more excuses not to buy horn necklace accessories because it is easily damaged.

That way, looking beautiful with fashion necklace accessories doesn’t need to worry anymore if you know how to take care the horn jewelry that you love.