Horn Necklace And Tips On Using And Choosing The Right Jewelry

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Horn necklace and tips on using and choosing the right jewelry.

1. Choose a childish model can make you look not mature
The charm of bracelets, animal pendants, and doll motifs rarely look expensive. It doesn’t matter if it costs $ 30 or $ 4,000 because the model will still be childish and no one thinks children have expensive jewelry. Avoid models that are childish especially in the form of fairy tales or fantasy fables.


2. Plastic beads formed randomly in a rope
Why spend money on a horn necklace that looks like you can make it at home with some plastic beads and a rope? Not to mention the fact that a colorful bead horn necklace is a display that is very far from an adult impression, in general, and really should be avoided by an adult because it will look like 10 year old child accessories.


You should stay away from plastic beads at all, but if you really need to have them, buy a simple style. Choose only horn necklaces that use beads only as accents, and prioritize small beads over large or medium sized beads. In addition, the use of pearls and semi-precious stones instead of glass and plastic will greatly help make your bead jewelry look more expensive. Combine with something that basically looks exclusive.


Stay away from small dangling earrings that are very popular and many are met at craft shows and kiosks in malls. Choose a simple model of earrings because it will look much more exclusive than a group of round beads made of plastic together in a wire.

Horn necklace and What Makes Jewelry Looks Cheap


3. If you choose a necklace made of enamel, choose the one that looks neat. Enamel that looks expensive must be smooth and flat with clean edges where enamel fills the entire metal surface.


4. Stay away from metals that look too bright and shiny.
A lot of inexpensive jewelry is made with a mixture of cheap materials or even plastic that is only painted and coated to look like metal. That kind of plastic is polished with gold, silver, and shiny bronze, but of course with a different gloss from real gold or silver.


Choose a slightly darker metal and original metal because it will add to the appearance and looks more exclusive and different.Horn necklace and Tips To Make Jewelry Looks Elegant

5. Looks fragile and thin.
Heavier metals and gemstones, in this case, will look and feel more expensive if the volume is heavier. That doesn’t mean that soft and light jewelry looks cheap, but if you have a big horn necklace that looks like it is made of aluminum foil, it will look cheap.


Jewelry must have a weight that matches its size. The weight of the horn necklace affects the way it hangs and how the accessories move on your body.


So when the movement seems out of sync with the appearance of these accessories it will look like cheap jewelry. All accessories should be made of a material that is sturdy and safe, and various parts are soldered and attached to hinges and screws, not just a set of thin metal rings and a few strings.


6. A gemstone that looks very clear if it’s fake
The red plastic doesn’t look like rubies and it will look like red plastic. If you want to still look expensive without using precious stones, use crystal jernis. Avoid gems made of opaque stones because it will obviously look very cheap.

It should be concluded that horn necklace is one example of timeless and elegant jewelry.